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somewhere we belong

We are always up for a challenge here at Dekota. Greg from Belong Bars challenged us with making a new evening offer for Derby which was inviting, had a community feel but was still a little bit edgy and raw.

Having such a great brief like that got our creative juices flowing. The building is set within the Old Blacksmiths Yard in the city centre, so it had plenty of industrial roots. Never ones to conform, we know that the industrial design era has been done to death by now so we wanted to draw upon the core characteristics of industrial design but add a new twist.

We helped Greg and his team with name generation and branding finally settling on Belong. It has connotations of community, home and what your local hang out spot should be... inviting.


By being involved with the branding creation we can control the overall vision and design style from the start so there isn't any confusion or design conflict. This is important because as a brand a unified message and consistency is key to your punters understanding who you are and what you do.

Dekota created a comprehensive concept pack for Greg and his team to use as a guide on site during the construction phase which you can check out below. We can't wait to get in there and sink a few cold ones in a relaxing and welcoming environment!

After spending several months looking for the right company to provide brand design as well as interior design, I was excited to find Dekota. We were looking for a smaller, edgier agency that could deliver cooler and more contemporary designs, whilst understanding we were a small independent business and budget was crucial. 

They exceeded all my expectations in every area. Great ideas, understood what I was looking for, easy communication throughout. They ultimately delivered a brand and set of plans and designs that were both outstanding and  detailed. Overall, It has taken a big stress away from what initially appeared to be a daunting process. 


Can't wait to work with the guys again on the next project!

Greg Dufton - Managing Director GMR Hospitality LTD (Belong Bar)

creating a community vibe for like minded people who like cocktails, craft beer, Pizza and house music.



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