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bionic prosthetics
made to suit your personality.

We were tasked with creating a new brand identity for a future thinking company.

Anastasiya and Jason at Bespoke Bionics contacted us as they were looking to create a new identity for their bespoke prosthetics brand. We jumped at the bit to be involved with such an interesting company creating truly unique designs. 

We developed over the course of a few weeks various themes and directions that were presented to them both at every step so they had a real input into the design process.

The typical 'tech' brand tend to use blues and very futuristic typefaces. We wanted to stray away from that norm and create something that communicates high end and quality, yet still has a sense of the tech and craft involved.

We developed a variety of logos ranging from primary to brandmarks for social media creating a really unique look for a unique brand.

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