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Gorilla Cafe- Interior View 2- Rev A.png

gorillas and coffee. WHAT COULD GO WRONG?

James at Gorilla contacted us about an exciting new opportunity for his Gorilla Cafe brand. Having a site already in the Birmingham suburbs of Kings Heath, he was looking to expand into the city centre at Brindley Place.

Being in a very busy location which is full of tourists and office workers, meant that there would be potential for high footfall. However this also meant there was plenty of local competition which requires your brand to stand out from the crowd.

The coffee and selection of food that Gorilla do is incredible, but the interior needed to be somewhat elevated and be bolder to appeal to the big city folk. This is where we came in. We created a concept design package that had relatable elements of the existing brand but we turned the volume up to 11. With the shop front being setback from a portico entrance, and no permittance for any projecting signage, meant we needed to do something internally that really popped. Therefore we designed a huge LED neon effect Gorilla on a bike which is instantly visible as you're approaching the space.

Ultimately the interior we ended up with is truly unique and immediately identifiable with the Gorilla Cafe brand.

Being a small business owner is really challenging. To drive your business, you need trusted and effective partners to support your growth. The team at DEkota Design bring innovative and intelligent design solutions, that also add value. They take time to understand your business and then work with you to not only create something that looks great, but that can also drive your business. 
We felt valued and wouldn't look any further next time we are growing our portfolio.

James Connolly - Founder- Gorilla Cafe

building upon the existing brand and making it work for the city centre market



Gorilla Cafe- Exterior View- Rev A.png
Gorilla Cafe- Interior View 1- Rev A.png
Gorilla Cafe- Interior View 3- Rev A.png
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