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  • Jake Griffiths


Updated: Jul 10, 2021

"A risk for me is making the switch from branded ketchup to non-branded ketchup..."

So when Andy and I discussed starting Dekota back in 2019 we both kind of thought it was a nice idea, a pipe dream, and something just discussed in a part drunken state of idealism. However fast forward to 2021 and who knew all it took was a pandemic to take the biggest risk of our lives.

Let's just write off 2020, it was a horrible year for all kinds of reasons. The industry we love and know was decimated beyond recognition. Friends lost jobs, businesses struggling to hang on and survive, it was just an absolute s*** show of a year. It did however give a lot of people, including ourselves, time to reflect upon what was important to them. A slight pause in the endless rollercoaster that is life, which let's face it (fingers crossed), is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

We decided to take those drunken idealistic talks and make Dekota a reality. It was an opportunity to do something new, exciting and ultimately risky. For those who know me risks are something I rarely take. A risk for me is making the switch from branded ketchup to non-branded ketchup, so you can only begin to imagine the sleepless nights and inner monologue dialogues of endless self doubt and questioning I went through before quitting my perfectly stable job.

However that word 'stable' has always worried me, stable equates to comfortable and comfortable equates to complacency. I knew that between us our diverse range of design skills would stand us well in an ever fluctuating economy and design industry. Dekota enables us to provide complete design packages from start to finish, and not just focus on the interior design bit (which in case you don't know is the industry both Andy and I cut our teeth in).

Our style is very much that we wear our hearts on our sleeves, we are going through a journey, an exciting and terrifying one, and we would like you to take the ride with us. These blog posts will be a means of cathartic therapy for us, where we will post opinions on the design industry, things we like, things we don't, and people we admire and look up to. We ultimately don't want to sugar coat the process. This industry takes itself far too seriously at times and we want to break the mould just a little bit.

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